Small Delights Catering


An Affordable Luxury or Today’s Necessity?

Think personal chef service is a luxury only celebrities and the wealthy can afford Small Delights Personal Chef Service may be more affordable than you think. When considering whether Small Delights may be right for you and your family, ask yourself a few questions:

·          Do you dread the “what’s for dinner?” question because the answer is so difficult?  

·          How much do you spend on groceries that go uneaten despite your best intentions to find the time to cook?  

·          Do you dislike cooking, don’t know how or like to but just don’t have the time?

·          How much do you spend on drive-thru, take out, or dining out?

·          Do you need more variety?

·          What are the health consequences of how you are eating today?

·          What are the hidden costs of your hectic, busy lifestyle?

·          Are you stopping by the grocery store after work trying to figure out what to eat when you’d rather just be home relaxing?  

·          Is your busy lifestyle preventing you from making the healthier choices you’d prefer for yourself and your family?

·          Does everyone in the family eat separate meals at separate times?  

Small Delights standard pricing is based on a weekly service of three to four dinner entrees with complementary side dishes as appropriate. Pricing includes initial consultation, ongoing custom menu planning, grocery shopping (usually 3-4 stores to get the best quality and the best prices), cooking in your home, and packaging, storage in your refrigerator or freezer (depending on your lifestyle and preferences) and clean up.  To make it easier to enjoy whatever you like, groceries are in addition to the cost of the service. The service fee also covers the cost of basic pantry items such as dried herbs, spices, sugar and flour.

Because Small Delights services are completely customized for every client, we are happy to offer service for households of all sizes and work to accommodate any special dietary needs.

Pricing for standard packages is listed below.  Please call or email for additional plans that will meet your needs and pricing information.

       Weekly service for four

·         4 entrees, 2 servings each

·         2 side dishes

·         $375 plus groceries

       Weekly service for two

·         4 entrees, 2  to 3 servings each

·         2 side dishes

·         $315 plus groceries


·         3  entrees and appropriate side dishes

·         Two servings of each

·         $250 plus groceries

·         Great way to try out the small delights service

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